About Us

“Simple is better, less is more”. We all intuitively know and feel the power of “simple”. And yet throughout our lives today, our senses are overwhelmed with complexity. And as this complexity has spread, it has claimed an apparent victory over our beloved salsa aisle, where selecting a salsa now comes with a wide review of spice levels, chunkiness scales, and mouth feel.

We make GodsSalsa salsa and sauces because we believe in the golden rule:

“Serve unto others what you would have served to you.”

We love our products. We love making them, we love eating them, and we think you might love them too. It’s that simple.

The goodness comes from specially sourced ingredients prepared in traditional Oaxacan methods to preserve the natural flavors in a unique and smoky finish.

So go spread the good word. Every bite provides that heavenly taste from down to earth ingredients.

– The GodsSalsa Family